Victor Velasco

Born in Aviles, Spain, August 5, 1986.





- IES Menéndez Pidal de Avilés, Asturias. Spain. Mode Baccalaureate Arts




- School of Art in Oviedo, Asturias. Spain. Title of Upper Technician in Interior Design.





- Participation in the design of a workspace and offices stand for INSITU, Castellón.

- Participation through Idearium for creating stand at the fair loft CASAPASARELA, 2010 and 2011 editions IFEMA, Madrid.




- Participation in the VIP room proposal ARCO fair, IFEMA Madrid

- Participation in the 1st Contest of Artistic Interventions in Nature of Asturias. NARTUR.

- Participation in IV Architecture and Interior Design Awards Porcelanosa.

- Exhibition of final project and competitions, Oviedo, Asturias. ÉXITO3 225 years of the School of Arts of Oviedo, Sala Borrón.




- Managing and autonomous VRV Coin.Culturel company. Sale of books, events and exhibitions, furniture design, Avilés.

- Director and writer of short, video and audiovisual promotions.

- Community Manager and organizer of the International Film Festival and music Indiego Alley, Avilés.

- Short FLUYE [La cultura]

- Videoclip of the musical grup, 'Cartel de Sábado'

- Community Manager and co-organizer of the Conference on Design & Fashion ART Street. Avilés




- President of the cultural association ART Street Palacio Valdés, Avilés, Asturias.

- Joint exhibition with Diana Coandă in the International Film Festival and Music IndieGo Alley, Avilés

- Joint exhibition 'Efímero' (part) with Diana Coandă in the Days of Fashion & Design ART Street, Aviles
- Joint exhibition 'Efímero' (complete) with Diana Coandă in the room/set Santy Communication, Avilés

- Installation 'Ciudad efímera' with Diana Coandă in II Noche Negra, Avilés
- Installation 'Encierro de La Noche Negra' with Diana Coandă for ART Street in II Noche Negra, Avilés

- Young CLINIC Emprend@. European Programme for entrepreneurs. Asturias.

- Conference on the failure and recovery of business. University of Economics and Business, Oviedo.



- Exhibition 50 years of studies Interior. Art School in Oviedo.

- Article in the journal of contemporary art, 21 Le Mag Gijón.

- Collaboration with the art collective, Nada / Collective. Madrid

- Collaboration with the art magazine Revistart. Barcelona

- Exhibition 'ephemeral' in the VALEY Cultural Center. Castrillón

- Third Exhibition of Independent Artists of Asturias. LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation. Gijón.

- Exhibition 'ephemeral' in Whitebeard exhibition space. Gijón

- Member of the Archive of Asturian Artists. LABoral Gijon

- Exhibition 50 years of studies Interior. Cultural Factory. Avilés

- Exposure Draft Eugenia. Avilés

- Exhibition 'ephemeral City' Project SeAlquila -State-. Madrid

- Exhibition 'architectures' Ancient Fish Exhibition Space. Avilés

- Organizdor international festival 'Independent Arts Festival. Avilés

- Exhibition 'ephemeral' Official College of Architects of Asturias. Oviedo

- XX Contest 'Augustine' ceramic. Looks ceramics on Carreño de Miranda. Avilés

- Member of the Artists Archive. Cultural Factory. Avilés



- Exhibition 'ephemeral' IN Days of Interior Design. Art School in Oviedo

- Collective exhibition of video art '360' - Project Eight visions of LABoral Art Center. (Media Library) Gijón
- Video 'ephemeral' official Section IVAHM '15. International Video Art Festival of New Media Festival Madrid La Neomudejar
- Installation 'Oppression' White Night '15. Aviles Asturias
- Installation 'identities' in project NOSITIO Gijon
- Telesepectadores Association of Asturias Prize and radio listeners. Video-Mapping Project of the School of Art of Oviedo. White Night Oviedo
- Prize at the National Art Competition Luarca.
- Installation 'Box Sensations' Niemeyer Center. Aviles
- Collective Christmas. Octagon Gallery. Aviles

- Site-specific 'Transits' in Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre. Aviles
- Collective National Luarca Art Competition organized with the winners of CNAL 2015. Luarca